Seedbed of Professionalism in Southeastern College Libraries, 1890-1920


  • Patrick M. Valentine retired



Southeast United States, academic libraries


ABSTRACT:  The creation of academic libraries was a fundamental element in the rapid growth of higher education and mature literary culture in the United States at the end of the 19th century. This was the period when college and university libraries began their transformation from minor book depositories into centers of information. Southern colleges too were part of this transition and began developing their libraries and using full-time librarians during the Gilded and Progressive Eras.  Southern libraries, however, have seldom been studied on a consistent basis. This talk will explore the growth of academic libraries and the spread of academic librarians in the Southeast during this period.  These libraries, while remaining limited in size and numbers compared to those in other parts of the country, were quite aware of changes and attempted to keep up with professional growth.

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Patrick M. Valentine, retired

Dr. Valentine's most recent book is A Social History of Books and Libraries  (Scarecrow, 2012)






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