Partnering Public and School Librarians for School Readiness Programming


  • Bridget Alexis Bloomer



Partnerships from public and school librarians for programming can prove to be beneficial for connecting with the community. When collaborating for school readiness programs, such as a school readiness fair, the expertise can bring about the best resources and services that both the public and school librarians have to offer, alongside the other community leaders in early childhood education. The paper discusses how to create a school readiness fair based on a collaboration between public and school librarians. Covering aspects of networking, programs such as Every Child Ready to Read, and school curriculum standards, it brings about the best parts of collaborating for a community event.   Keywords: School Readiness, school libraries, public libraries, programming, kindergarten readiness

Author Biography

Bridget Alexis Bloomer

I am currently in the MLS program at East Carolina University as of Fall of 2019. My area of focus is elementary school librarianship. 






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